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Buy diversified income streams generated by experienced Airbnb hosts!

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Why Invest In Nectar?

Buy income streams backed by Airbnb properties that deliver stable, passive income.
40 - 45%
Annual Cash Distributions
1.2 - 1.4x
Equity Multiple
Immediate Distributions
Start getting monthly distribution immediately after your initial investment.
Fully Passive
Nectar uses automation to actively manage your investment in real-time.
Downside Protection
Our risk mitigation structure ensures that investors get paid back first even in downside scenarios.

What Is Nectar?

Nectar is a marketplace that provides investors access to passive income streams managed by experienced, professional Airbnb hosts.

Nectar is unlocking access to high yield, alternative real estate investments traditionally reserved for institutions. Earn up to 14% annualized returns.


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How It Works

A step-by-step rundown of our process
Experienced short-term rental operators and Airbnb Superhosts across the US come to our platform and apply for growth capital.
We use rigorous underwriting criteria to evaluate each host's portfolio, selecting the absolute best applications evaluated.
We use our decades of real estate experience to protect your investment & maximize your returns.
You invest in an innovative and diversified portfolio of professionally managed income streams.

Offering Highlights

Airbnb properties that deliver stable, passive income and appreciation.
Annual Cash Yield
10 - 14 %
Minimum Investment
1 - 3 years
Multiple on Invested Capital
1.1x - 1.5x

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nectar?

The marketplace for high yield, passive income streams operated by the top Airbnb hosts.

What does Nectar do?

Nectar has created an innovative financial product that allows you as an investor to purchase a stream of income generated from a piece of property. Short term rentals/Airbnb is the most innovative and high yielding space in real estate right now so that is our focus. We vet thousands of Airbnb hosts and only provide financing to the absolute best operators with the most consistent income profile.

How does the Investment Product Work?

We make an up front payment in exchange for a share of a host's revenue that equals up to 65% of the cashflow (net income minus all operating expenses) that a host generates on a monthly basis. We call this amount their minimum budgeted payment (MBP). As long as the host generates the amount of net income (income minus platform expenses and taxes) that corresponds to their minimum budgeted payment, investors receive their full monthly distribution. 

What is the risk that I'm taking?

Our underwriting is based on a hosts’ cash flow and repayment is based on their income, your monthly distributions would only be impacted by a dramatic reduction in performance. In the unlikely event that a host is unable to pay their minimum budgeted payment, investors receive whatever net income is available that month with the balance added to next month’s MBP. 

What happens if a host is underperforming?

If a host misses their MBP for 3 out of any 6 month period, Nectar has the right to either fire the current manager and assign a new manager to the income generating property, or in the case of a property manager, to swap the under performing unit for another unit or units in the manager’s portfolio. Nectar also has the right to extend the term of the revenue share agreement if the host hasn’t made their budgeted payments by the end of the term.

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to reach out! Please contact for more information.

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